Monday, March 20, 2000


* UPDATED November 14th, 2011 *

We have a new warehouse and all of the same goods and are mobile to supply you! See sidebar on the left for more info on ordering.  For those new to us and those needing a list, there is a detailed 3 page catalog pdf link below and we'll be working on this section more over the winter.  Just email us with any questions, product and pricing inquiries - we're excited to help and supply what you need!

Catalog is online - November 14th, 2011 - Call or email for pricing. We'll make a Sales Order for you and deliver your goods to one of 7 pick up locations, including the People's Co-op Farmer's Market on Wednesdays.

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* UPDATED February 13th, 2010 *
WORMS! We are now doing pre-orders on a weekly basis. Call us to pre-pay. Orders in by Tuesday, will usually be ready by Friday. But you can call any day, we take orders on a rolling basis. Wiggle Wiggle!

MASON Bees are here, dormant in the fridge in tubes waiting for you, come and get yours before they sell out.

We are working on over-hauling or product list below - we have a LOT of things here for you, in our warehouse, outside and in our shop. You're always welcome to call or email. This section below will be improving soon..... yay!

UPDATED October 7th, 2010 *

A lot more has come in since the product list above, we'll have an updated one soon or when it quiets down... Including: Mason Bees, Worms!, Beneficial Insects: including Green Lacewings and Beneficial Nematodes, the bat guanos are here 10-3-1 and 0-18-0, lots of cover crop seed, coir blocks, hand tools, Pyganic, soil blockers, seed starting goods, Canimals... row cover, greenhouse plastic, Solo backpack sprayers, Earthway seeders & spreaders, bird netting, chicken wire, hardware cloth, deer fence, chicken & goat feeders, water buckets and accoutrements.. wheelbarrows, pet food - Organix, Natural Planet Organics, Newman's Own Organics, First Mate, Felidae, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, Diamond and a country/feral cat food, along with treats by Red Barn, Darford, Greenies, Zuke's and more, Bird Feeders, Suet, Wild Bird Seed, Hoses, Nozzles and a LOT of books and neat hand tools.

We welcome product suggestions and ideas - let us know what you would like!

See the HENS+CHICKS, BOOKS, PLANTS and SEEDS links above for info on baby chicks and ducklings. Starts grown by Diggin' Roots Farm, Westwind, Wildcat, Emerson Gardens and Gales Meadow Farm. Seeds from Uprising Seeds, Siskiyou Seed, Adaptive, FEDCO, Lonesome Whistle and Wild Garden Seed!

Organic Blueberries in stock - Legacy and Chandler in 5 gallon pots, about 5 years old + Northstar & Polaris

Fruit trees, native plants, flowers, sedums, ground cover, shade lovers and more plants in the works for and we're always open to your suggestions.

Earthway Spreaders and Seeders !

We will work on adding more links and photos to this section in the dark of winter........