Wednesday, March 1, 2000


We are an equal opportunity employer and an equal enjoyer of all of you fabulous, unique people who come visit us. We believe everyone should be appreciated! We strongly support equal marriage rights and are a rainbow of gay, straighties and bi peeps.

In our transition time being mobile this winter, we are primarily Naomi, Neil, Mary and our stellar bookkeeper, Carissa W.  We look forward to all being back together at our new future site.

Naomi Montacre, named after her grandma Jewel Naomi, squirreled away her money for 5 years, working a number of unique jobs in NY, with the goal to farm. She and her husband Neil, moved to Oregon and farmed on leased land in Helvetia as 2 Donkeys Farm, until she broke her foot and found a sitting down job managing Concentrates in Portland. She now owns Naomi's Organic Farm Supply with her husband and mom and is so happy to be working with them and her friends. Nerdiness dept = Master Gardener with Organic Gardening Certification, (OGCP), and has taught workshops for Oregon Tilth, OSU Master Gardeners, OGCP Courses, WSU Small Farms, PCC, Portland's Urban Growth Bounty Series and local garden groups. Very grateful to have a space to bring a community of people and agriculture ideas together and grow plants! As a kid, she wanted to craft a lending library in her backyard.. and is giddy to have a diverse collection of books as part of our shop. She loves to get her hands in the dirt, and is happiest when surrounded by plants, bees, chickens, ducks, goats and people like you!

Neil Montacre changed his name from Whitacre when he married Naomi, and they merged their two names, Montgomery & Whitacre, to become Montacre. They met in art school in Milwaukee, WI in 1997. Neil is a multi-faceted person with wide-ranging talents and interests, from art to marine animals to woodworking and cooking. He is the main Chick Chatter, to help you select your peepers and also the Hen Papa... taking diligent care of them all. He grew organic vegetables for market in Iowa City in his youth and was wooed to do it again with Naomi. When they suddenly moved to Portland, he found a job working with interior plants. He created and drew our logo, made almost all of the signage and shelving for the shop, eyeing scrap wood full of nails, "oops" paint and other discards and envisioning a neat old-window greenhouse.. a pink and red pirate chicken coop (N. Williams 'Hens for Obama')... that later becomes the little goat & hen barn here. And yes, he is the bearded one.

Mary Montgomery is Naomi's mom a.k.a Mamo! She retired after 21 years of teaching first grade and Kindergarten, and was excited to move from Wisconsin to Oregon in August, 2008. She began working part and then full time with Naomi at the other company for two years, and can't qu ite be considered "retired" anymore (thanks mom!) She has a wonderful Icelandic horse named Odinn, and is always happy to talk horses. She is also owned by a loving little cat named Kennie Pepper, rescued from behind a motel in Kendall, Wisconsin. After we opened, Mary adopted a little dog she named Poppy from the Oregon Humane Society. She is the resident Worm Bin Queen, (aka Wiggler-Herd Manager). She's taken Oregon Tilth's Comprehensive Organic Gardening, COG, course and enjoys gardening in this milder climate. And, yes, she honestly is Naomi's mom, and contrary to what some of you so sweetly exclaim, we're both a bit older than you think... yeehaw!

Carissa Wolfe of Karova Farm Services - yes two awesome Carissas !oh my goodness... where do we start with how awesome she is?Raw milk dairywoman + brilliant bookkeeper + honest, kind and super smart. She is the foundation of having excellent relationships with our vendors andsmooth finances amidst the energy of our growing shop. Farming in Oregon City with her partner Karyn and with their lovely milker Opal.

Naomi's Organic Mineral Mix and making your own COF, 'Complete Organic Fertilizer':

In March of 2009, Naomi created Naomi's Organic Mineral Mix: with equal parts Azomite Volcanic Ash, Glacial Rock Dust, Jersey Greensand, Soft Rock Phosphate and Limestone. There were different batch experiments from the original all powder mix on up to its current all granulated green and cream mix. Somehow you all spread the word amongst yourself and over 20 tons have been dug into gardens and farms in Oregon and Washington. The mix is registered with ODA and we may add another blend we think you'll enjoy. We have all the ingredients to make your own fertilizers on a small home garden scale on up to acreage. 

We can also help interpret your soil tests and help calculate how little you can use to get what you need for your soil and plants. We love your feedback.

Helping us on special projects:
Katie Eldridge - Part of our special forces. Extremely capable builder, helps on many projects and sometimes in the warehouse on the weekends. She has been a baker for over 14 years and is also a natural builder. In 2010, she apprenticed for 7 weeks with House Alive!, building an amazing straw bale home on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Her current focus is building affordable earthen cob pizza ovens, which is areally delicious combination of all of her skills as baker and builder. We love Katie. (on left on the Pine Ridge Reservation)

More about our history & evolution

Worked with us in the past and on special projects:

arissa Albin Currently teaching kindergarten as of fall 2011!  She worked with Hawthorne Valley Farm in NY and in Oregon at Square Peg Farm for CSA and market and with Fraga Farm, an organic goat dairy in Sweet Home, OR. She just finished her graduate degree in teaching at Lewis & Clark, so we know at some day she will move on and become a teacher, but! in the meantime, she is smart and hilarious and we enjoy every day. Bring on your garden, farm and animal questions (seen here with visiting guinea pig, Top Gear...), she'll share ideas and help research with you. We have a lot of projects up our sleeves, including work on our demonstration garden and a lot more educational signage and hand outs for you. She and her husband Clay are bike powered and fabulous. Their hen Tom Cruise, is a bit of a bully.

Chris Randolph - Currently creating his new farmstead, working with Bee Thinking, on garden design jobs and applying to be a Forest Ranger.  He joined us in the beginning of 2011 and isvery multi-faceted. Helping in the front with your garden, farm and livestock questions, with plants and in the warehouse. He has come up with a lot of creative solutions to our many projects and is bursting with energy. He is studying Permaculture with Andrew Millison and taking an herbalism class with Cascade Anderson Geller this spring. He and his husband Brendan have a really neat flock of hens and ducks and a lush garden, and are soon to expand on new ground outside of town. (Chris on left with one of his new baby Pilgrim Geese)
Seth Belber - Farmed with Persephone Farm, a 25 acre organic produce and egg farm, in Lebanon for 7 years, and as the Farm Manager for the past 3 years. You may already recognize him from weekly Farmer's Markets. He has also worked with Growing Gardens and graduated from nearby Reed College. He looks forward to applying the skills he learned about sustainable food production on a rural, commercial scale, in projects within urban settings. Focusing on youth education and mentorship, and working with under-resourced communities toward food security. Working in both our warehouse and helping in the front, he is all around awesome, kind and filled with great knowledge and plays the banjo, yeow!

Trevor Williams - Here on the weekends with a happy smile and so much positive energy! Worked with Janus Youth Program's Food Works Farm as the Summer Program Leader and co-created and managed Aprovecho Farms' CSA. He has worked and volunteered with organic farms and gardens in the US, Europe and Mexico, teaching and learning about land and food systems. Passionate about working with non-profit hunger relief and alternative farming advocates. He also does garden design work, creating sustainable, edible landscapes, if you'd like to hire him during the week.

Emily Gowen Currently a licensed Massage Therapist, with studios in NW and NE Portland - she is excellent,  Emily is a powerhouse, farmed in Vermont and with Gaining Ground Farm in Oregon. She's taken the Master Gardener program in both states and the OGCP, Organic Gardening Certification Program here.She is part of the OnGoing Collective of good neighbors, goats, hens and garden - Going Goaty. Emily worked with Growing Gardens for two years and organized the awesome 2009 Tour de Coops & Tour de Goats, which toured by bicycle around urban sites. She can be seen bicycling to just about everything.We feel very lucky Emily will be here on neat projects.(Emily biking and painting the orange stripe around our building in late summer 2010)

Amanda Kopchinski - Currently a Licensed Massage Therapist!  Weekend super-star helper from the Going Goaty Collective! Back for spring of 2011.Yay!!! Currently in massage school, too : ) (on right in that lovely hat)
Erika Fey - hoola hoop garden goddess - has moved to Bend, as her husband was offered a job teaching wilderness survival skills and we will miss her a lot!! She's made a lot of really neat handmade signs around the shop, is really smart and her enthusiasm and kind nature is amazing. 

Jordan Brown - just moved - before we got to write about him, he moved to Corvallis for a neat job surveying endangered plants throughout Oregon. It was so nice to have him here!

Jon Wagner is a biologist and artist from Kentucky. His girlfriend, Prairie Hale, works with Zenger Farm, the non-profit that provides education, urban farm space, manages the Lents Farmer's Market, and houses the Eastside Egg Cooperative.  Checkout Jon's Treehouse! he makes super neat drawings, aka Journals, illustrations and animations.

Aaron Maroni - Physicist and Carpenter, boat builder, man of many intriguing thoughts (invest in Silver), loading goodies in your vehicle. He helped put our greenhouse back up and many other projects around the property, more on him to come..... (Jon and Aaron finishing the duck hutch)

Ben Alley - from the area of the world affectionately known as upstate new york, he's worked for a number of farms, now here in oregon and was fun to work with.