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Over 300 titles in stock, as of July 20th, 2010! We'll make this area niftier, but here's an alphabetical list in the meantime.

Happy to special order, get suggestions and ship, too!

Adventure in Borneo
Alice's Kitchen: Traditional Lebanese Cooking
American Farmstead
An Unreasonable Woman
Apple Grower, The
Art of Natural Building
Attracting Native Pollinators
A-Z Guide to Growing Flowers
A-Z Guide to Growing Organic
Backyard Berry
Backyard Homestead, The
Backyard Orchardist
Backyard Poultry - Naturally
Barnyard Games & Puzzles
Barnyard In Your Backyard
Basics of Permaculture Design (
Berries, Rasp- & Black
Best Fences, The
Best of Making Things (The)
Big Gardens in Small Spaces
Big Tree At George Charlotte's
Biodynamic Farm, A
Bird Brain-Teasers
Bird Food Recipes
Botanical Latin
Botany for Gardeners
Breed Your Own Veg. Varieties
Bringing Nature Home
Building Bat Houses
Building Chicken Coops
Building Small Barns, Sheds...
Building with Cob
Bulbs in the Basement...
Bulbs, Pocket Guide
Calendar: Zenger Farm 2010
Cat Behavior Answer Book, The
Chick Days
Chicken Coops
Chicken Health Handbook, The
Chinook Book
Cob Builders Handbook
Cold & Flu Relief
Complete Book of Garlic, The
Complete Chile Pepper Book, The
Complete Compost Gardening...
Compost By Gosh
Contrary Farmer (The)
Controlling Garden Weeds
Cooking Beyond Measure
Cordwood Building
Cottage Economy
Crescent City Farmer's
Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden
Designing & Maintaining
Dig Your Hands In The
Dog Behavior Answer Book
Donkey Companion, The
Don't Throw It, Grow It!
Down & Dirty
Draft Horses & Mules
Dried Foods...
Drip Irrigation
Ducks & Geese
Dung Beetles
Earth User's Guide...
Easy Composters You Can Build
Easy-to-Build Bird Feeders
Easy-to-Build Birdbaths
Ecology for Gardeners
Edible Herbs
Eggs & Chickens
Encyclopedia of Herbs, The
Enlivened Rock Powders
Everything I Want To Do..
Family Butterfly Book, The
Family Cow, The
Farm Friends
Fences for Pasture & Garden
Fermenting Revolution
Flower Farmer Revised
Food Not Lawns
Food Power from the Sea
Forest Gardening (DVD)
Four-Season Harvest, 2nd
Fowl Play
Fresh Food From Small Spaces
From Asparagas To Zucchin
From Container to Kitchen
Gaia's Garden Revised
Gardening in Clay Soil
Gardening in the Pacific NW
Gardening to Attract Birds
Gardening When it Counts
Gardening... Faint of Heart
Getting Started in Permaculture
Good Spirits
Grape Grower
Green Grows The City
Green Guide for Horse Owners...
Greenhouse, How To...
Grow 15 Herbs ...
Grow a Butterfly Garden
Grow A Hummingbird Garden
Grow Super Salad Greens
Grow the Best Asparagus
Grow the Best Blueberries
Growing & Using Garlic
Growing and Using Herbs...
Growing Carnivorous Plants
Growing Great Garlic
Growing Green
Growing Herbs for Cold & Flu...
Guerilla Gardening
Hand Sculpted House
Handmade Marketplace
Happy Cat Happy You
Happy Dog Happy You
Hardy Succulents
Healing Herbal Wines...
Helping... Wild Birds
Herbal Home Remedy
Herbal Home Spa
Herbalists Way (The)
Herbs For Home Treatment
Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals
Hippie Kitchen
HIVE Management
Holy Cows, Hog Heaven
Home Cheese Making
Home Creamery, The
Homebrewer's Garden, The
Homegrown Herbs
Homegrown Whole Grains
Homemade Living: Canning...
Homemade Living: Keeping Ch.
Honey Bee
Horse Crazy
How to Build Animal Housing
How To Store Your Garden
How To Think Like A Horse
Humane Livestock Handling
Humanure Handbook #3
Improving Your Soil
Insects & Gardens
Insects of the Pacific Northwes
Keep Chickens!
Keeping Honey Bees
Keeping Your Indoor Cat...
Let It Rot!
Liquid Gold
Little Book of Slugs, The
Livestock Guardians
Living At Nature's Pace
Lost Language of Plants
Loving and Leaving the
Mad Sheep
Made From Scratch, Paperback
Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt
Making Felted Friends
Making Herbal Hand Creams...
Making Natural Liquid Soaps
Making Wild Wines & Meads
Making Your Small Farm Profit..
Man Who Planted Trees (The)
Maritime NW Garden Guide
Milk-Based Soaps Book
Mind-Altering & Poisonous...
More Straw Bale Building
Moss Gardening
Mulch It!
Natural Baby Care
Natural Beekeeping
Natural Cattle Care
Natural Goat Care
Natural Horse Care
Natural Plaster Book, The
Natural Sheep Care
New Organic Grower
Northwest Native Plants
Organic Body Care Recipes
Organic Farmer's Business
Organic Farming Manual
Organic Gardener's Handbook
Organic Gardening - No-Dig
Organic Lawn Care Manual
Parsleys, Fennels & Queen Anne
Pastured Poultry Profits
Perennial Companions
Perennial Vegetables
Permaculture Garden (The)
Permaculture in a Nutshell
Permaculture In Practice (DVD)
Permaculture Way (The)
Petting Farm Poster Book, The
Planning & Planting a Moon Gdn
Plant Propagation
Plants of Western Oregon...
Pocketful of Poultry
Polytunnel Handbook (The)
Portland Forest Hikes
Potential Herbs as a Cash Crop
Poultry Breeds
Practical Science for Gardeners
Preserving Food At Home
Preserving Food...
Preserving The Harvest
Put 'em Up!
Rainwater Harvesting...
Raising a Healthy Guinea Pig
Raising a Healthy Rabbit
Raising Animals by the Moon
Raising Chickens
Raising Dairy Goats
Raising Ducks
Raising Horses
Raising Meat Goats
Raising Miniature Livestock
Raising Pigs
Raising Poultry
Raising Rabbits
Raising Sheep
Raising Turkeys
Raw Energy
Raw Milk Revolution (The)
Recipe for Raising Chickens
Recipes from the Root Cellar
Renewing America's Food
Renovating Barns, Sheds...
Rhapsody In Green
Right Rose, Right Place
Root Cellaring
Roots Demystified
Salad Leaves for All Seasons
Saving Seeds
Secrets to Great Soil
Seed Saving Zine, Adaptive Sds
Seed Sowing & Saving
Seed to Seed,
Seeds of Deception
Seeds Of Deception DVD & Book
Sew & Stow
Shade Perennials
Sharing the Harvest,
Sheep, Goats, Cattle & Pigs
Simple Food for Good Life
Sleep & Relaxation
Small Farmer's Journal
Small Is Possible
Small-Scale Grain Raising
So You Want to Start a Nursery
Solar Food Dryer, The
Solar Gardening
Soul of Soil
Starter Vegetable Gardens
Starting Seeds Indoors
Sticker: Friends of Portland Com
Straw Bale Details
Successful Small-Scale Farming
Surviving and Thriving on the
10 Herbs for Happy Healthy Cats
10 Herbs for Happy Healthy Dogs
15 Herbs for Tea
The Barnyard Sticker Book
The Farmstead Creamery Advisor
The GMO Trilogy
The Great Outdoors Games
The Natural Soap Book
The Naturally Clean Home
The Nature Connection
This Organic Life
Toilet Papers (The)
Uncommon Fruits for Every Garde
Underground Root Cellar...
Uses of Wild Plants
Vegan Rustic Cookbook
Vegetable Growers Handbook
What Every Horse Should Know
What's That Bird?
What's Wrong With My Plant?
Wild Fermentation
Wildflowers of the Pacific NW
Winter Harvest Handbook
Wise Words for the Good L:ife
Woodstove Cookery
World According to Monsanto
Worm Cafe, The
Worms Eat My Garbage
Worms Eat Our Garbage
You Can Make the Best
Your Chickens
Your Goats...


List of great Landscapers and Garden Designers coming in a bit...


Oregon State Beekeepers Association
NCAP: Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
The Xerces Society For Invertebrate Conservation
Zenger Farm's Community Bee Project

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Services
Friends of Family Farmers
iFarm Oregon
OSU Small Farms
WSU Small Farms
Small Farms Conservancy
Northeast Portland Tool & Seed Library
North Portland Tool Library
Southeast Tool Library !!
Southeast Portland Food not Lawns Garden Tool Library

Growing Gardens + Education
Oregon Food Bank: Plant a Row for the Hungry
Mercy Corps Northwest: New Agriculture Program
Urban Gleaners
Slow Food Portland
PCUN: Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United
FHDC: Farmworker Housing Development Corp. + article

Organic Education Center - Oregon Tilth
Clackamas Community College Horticulture
Growing Gardens
Friends of Portland Community Gardens
Sauvie Island Center
Metro: Natural Gardening
Learning Gardens Laboratory
OSU Metro Master Gardeners
Oregon Tilth
WSU Master Gardeners
Tilth Producers of Washington
Seattle Tilth

Hardy Plant Society
Portland Dahlia Society
Portland Rose Society


Order by email or phone and pick up at People's Co-op Farmer's Market or a weekly neighborhood Pick-Up Site in the metro area, see sidebar on the left.

Email us your orders in advance:

FEED: We carry Payback Organic All Breed (13.5%), In Season Farm's Organic Dairy Goat (no corn, 16%), along with conv. Dry COB, Whole Oats, Rolled Barley, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and are working on a local organic option with Q-Bar Feed

HAY: We have a wide variety of hay including, premium dairy quality Alfalfa in full size bales and yummy compressed dairy quality Alfalfa, plus Orchard and Timothy in compressed bales for non-milkers. 

MINERALS & ASSORTED: in 1, 5, 25 and 50# bag sizes - Fertrell's Premier Goat Minerals and Sweetlix Caprine Milk Minerals, lots of yummy Kelp Meal, Diamond V Yeast, Feed Sulfur, Sodium Bicarb / Baking Soda, Azomite Trace Minerals, Dolomite 10AG, Redmond Organic Trace Mineral Salt: loose, rocks and blocks.

BEDDING: two sizes of Straw, a compressed conventional bale and another from a 4th generation farm, which uses no herbicide.  And certified organic when available again.

BARN: Hay racks, water buckets, hoof trimmers, milk filters, mineral tubs and other barn goods. 

BOOKS: The Backyard Goat, Storey books on Miniature Livestock & Dairy Goats, Natural Goat Care. Let us know if there are other goat items you'd like.

PDX Goats Google Group - the friendly Portland resource for all things Urban Goat Keeping !
Yahoo Goat Groups - on Goat Care, Pygmies, Kidding, Cheese Making, Raw Milk and more
Fias Co Farm - Health & Husbandry, Cheese making, Natural Care - very well loved reference! It's also the site of Molly's Herbals

Hoegger Goat Supply - quality goat goods since 1935

WORKSHOPS - More in the works for this Fall & Winter 2011
9/10/11 - Goat Keeping in the City - Saturday 12:30 - 1:30pm at the Muddy Boot Organic Festival, free with admission!  taught by Naomi, with Nellie and Sebastian coming for clover munching and snuggles

3/2/11 - Goats 101: the Basics of a Backyard Herd - Wed, 6:30 - 8:30pm - Here + Register online through the City of Portland's Urban Growth Bounty Series

3/16/11 - Mixed Flocks: Hens, Ducks, Goats and Rabbits - Wed, 6:30 - 8:30pm - Here + Register online through the City of Portland's Urban Growth Bounty Series

6/3/10 - Urban Goat Keeping - Learn about goat keeping with Emily Gowen of the Going Goaty Collective in NE Portland. She will cover the basics of general goat care, including herbal recipes, feed, housing in small spaces and with chickens. Covering dairy, fiber and other pet goats. Thursday from 6:30 - 7:30pm / $10. Sign up in advance at the shop, call or email theshop (at)

- Dairy Goats: Sunday, at 4pm with Tracey Barnes Tiret at the shop

Photo - Tracey is milking their LaMancha, 'Elixir.'

Our Goats at the old shop are: Nellie and Sebastian, two agouti colored Pygmies we are lucky to share with our friend Anna. Born at Paradise Point Pygmies, they are incredibly cute and entertaining. One is often found on their 'mountain' and regularly chasing each other around... they enjoy lots of petting and go on a lot of walks. Moon Shark, a rescue Boer Goat from a farm who sweetly bottle-fed him and did their best, but the rest of his herd was not so accepting. He's recovered from health issues, grown his fur back in and now snuggles in the sun and at night, with Nellie and Sebastian, who also taught him how to play. He loves being petted and grazing on greens when we take them out. They all let the hens share their side of the barn during the day and Banti sometimes lay her egg, somehow... in their hay manger. The new hen, Lil' Tibby snuggles with goats and perches on Moon Shark at dusk. (see top photo on the left of her perched on him laying down)

CBS The Early Show: Urban Goats Leave Hoof Prints in Urban Homes - watch us and our friends at Going Goaty online. Nellie, Sebastian and Moon Shark running with us in the park... (On the right Naomi and Anna with Nellie and Sebastian)

USA Today Article: Goats fans, cities butting heads - our goats make national news...!

GOATS ARE THE NEW CHICKENS - Willamette Week for 2010 predictions...(left photo from article WWeek article and on right, Neil walking Nellie and Sebastian)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AWESOME GOAT CUSTOMERS: more to come as photos are sent in : )
Feb 15, 2011 - Goats for SALE - Nigerian/La Mancha
NE Portland Going Goaty Coop has 2 one-year-old female goats for sale, nigerian dwarf/la mancha mix. They could be bred this year to become milking does, or could be used for grazing or pets (not for sale for meat use). They are friendly, have been living with kids, have not been de-horned but are people-friendly. They must either be sold together or sold to a home with another goat companion. $150 each OBO. Right now in NE Portland and can call to check 'em out!
Thanks! Call Diane with questions: 503.349.1460.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Check out the Going Goaty collective in NE Portland!They've got two Mini LaMancha does, Cheyenne and Darlin', a flock of chickens and a large garden.

If you're on facebook, look for Darlin' and Cheyenne's page.

Mona is Darlin's daughter from this spring and has contentedly joined the herd. She recently came to NE Sunday Parkways and made a LOT of friends. photo soon...
Emily organized the first, super fun Tour de Goats 2009 bike ride this year, click the link to see photos!

Paradise Point Pygmies in Oregon City
More on the farm Nellie and Sebastian came from soon! Their mama has kids on the way...

Project Grow - The North Portland Farm
Fiber Nygora goats Jeff and Buckaroo are tended by James Ragsdale at this sweet urban farm. "The North Portland Farm practices chemical free, biodynamic farming methods; using drip irrigation and small plot intensive (SPIN) growing practices. Many of our crops are grown from seed. Our farm was initiated on two vacant lots at the site of Port City Development Center in North Portland, and provides fair wage employment for adults with developmental disabilities as an alternative to factory employment. The farm is apart of Project Grow, a radical community supported arts and agriculture (CSA A) project for adults with developmental disabilities."
* * *NEW MOON FARM Goat Rescue & Sanctuary
in Arlington, WA

and they're also on Facebook

Other bits of interest...
Working Goats - goat training, tips, harnesses aand camping ideas...