Saturday, July 25, 2020


Thank you for helping us donate $5,000 to the Black Resilience Fund!!! πŸ’•

We have a new website in the works! It's been slow going as we want to prioritize your orders every day and it's a big project, but... we are getting really close to switching over later in August. 

Until our new website is up, please continue to follow the "How To Order" process described in our June post below. We've added some links to our inventory spreadsheets. These links are still in the works, but in the meantime we wanted them to share them with you as soon as possible. Our inventory is updated manually so these sheets may not always reflect the exact availability of items & is not an exhaustive list of the products we have available a the shop. 

Browse these sheets as a baseline of our current inventory, (more of them in the works including Dovetail, garden supplies, drip irrigation and watering supplies) and please don't hesitate to send us an email if you don't see something you need or have any questions. 

We are generally able to return emails with a phone call the same day. 😁

Thank you for all of your kind emails with your orders. You are keeping us steady each day and we are so grateful!

Here is a sample of some of the new info sheets, more on PRODUCT INVENTORY SHEETS!




Thursday, June 18, 2020

JUNETEENTH - 100% of our sales to the Black Resilience Fund

This weekend (June 19-21), join
Black Resilience Fund and businesses across our region in commemorating the liberation of enslaved Black people in America -- and in supporting thousands of our Black neighbors who are in urgent need of support and healing during today’s challenges. 

***Email us your order this Friday, June 19th - - our full sales are going to Black Resilience Fund! Let us know if you'd like same day pick up, or to pick up this weekend or coming week - your purchase counts no matter when you pick up.*** 

Due to Juneteenth activities, there will be a smaller team of us in on Friday and pick ups will end early at 4pm so we have time to close up and get to events. So! If your order comes in Friday for this fundraiser and we miss calling you about your order, we will call Saturday and count your sale towards our donation.

You can also Donate $19 in celebration of Juneteenth, or any amount that works for you.❤️ We are continuing to match your donations to BRF through the weekend!!! (See sidebar on the left) You can also volunteer, they are looking for drivers, cooks and services, just fill out this form.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

June 18, 2020 Update! - How to Shop with Naomi’s

Hello there! Thank you so very much for continuing to shop with us in these creative, safe new ways. Your kind support is keeping us going! πŸ₯°  

We’re open for orders by email with safe, easy, curbside pick-up; while still closed to public shopping. We have opened up appointments to the Black and Indigenous community and to Landscape and Farm accounts for outdoor plant shopping and will work on getting more of of you into outdoor appointments soon, too.

We will aim to call you the same day you email or the following + same day pick up when possible or later convenient day for you, depending on our staffing and the volume of orders. While prioritizing the happiness and safety of our small team, we have made it through the spring peak and keep getting faster all the time!  

How to Order:

 Email us at with one of the following subject lines:

  Re: Animal Feed       (including wild bird)

  Re: Garden              (everything else, when no feed is needed)

  If you have an account with us, Re: Account - First & Last Name or Company  
  Please include - A phone number(s) to contact you and whatever you’d like to order. This can include specific item details or not, either way we’ll happily help with everything by phone.☎️

 - We will call you to shop virtually by phone and to take credit card payment
 - Credit Card on File - If you’d like to set up a simple account with us and keep a card on file, we can have a speedier check out process. Once you have an account, you can email us and we can process your order without a phone call .
 - Your order is complete once you have paid over the phone, at that time we will provide instructions for a scheduled, safe and easy, contactless pick-up. (We are unable to offer delivery services at this time.) 
 - Please answer ANY incoming phone calls so you do not miss us, including blocked calls and other area codes, as we sometimes use our cell phones.  We still need our phone lines clear so that we can call you for shopping + payment (our ringers and voicemail are off).
 - Product Info / Order Sheets - In progress! We are working to provide information about our inventory and pricing on our new website, ready soon.

 - Keep an eye on our website and instagram for updates - / @naomisorganic

Thank you and we appreciate each of you so very much!
❤️ Naomi and my incredibly badass team

PS. We adore and miss you! 🐐🐐Pancakes & Binga + 🐰🐰Cinnabun and Dash are also working remotely from home organizing your orders every day, while munching an amazing array of greens🌈

PPS. E-Commerce / Online Shopping Cart - We have an awesome, custom and very intricate computer system that is amazing for handling our many thousands of inventory items, and so many other cool functions we need. It is perfect for in-person shopping, but it is a very complex project to connect it with e-commerce without potentially creating an array of issues that could prevent us from supplying you. We will keep exploring this, while evolving our creative systems.  

Monday, April 27, 2020


More chicks are coming! Also 4 female khaki campbell ducklings available for May 14th! See our baby chicks! page (link to your left) for how to reserve them!

* Possible we'll do a late summer / early fall order, too *

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Hi there! Thank you for wanting to order from us! ❤️

Please READ these ESSENTIAL points:

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Very steadily still going! 🐣🌈🐐❤️ 🐰🌱 πŸˆπŸ’– πŸΆπŸ¦•πŸ¦„

Hi hiii! It's my 43rd Birthday and my gift to you is a shop update!

We are internally OPEN every day, going very strong and will continue as long as we are legally allowed and as a team, able and willing, emotionally and physically. We will be closed to the public and By Appointment with Emailed Orders & Scheduled Pick Up ONLY, indefinitely.

We are ready for the ever evolving long haul.

We refine our safety protocols each day and sometimes within the day. And we feel endlessly creative about the possibilities to continually make new, more efficient systems over the months ahead. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Naomi's Organic is currently by Appointment ONLY & prioritizing animal feed

Hello all of you incredibly kind, supportive people!

We are fully staffed and trying very hard to keep up. In order to do so, here is where we are at:

1) Taking care of my staff is my #1 priority and the only way we can keep helping you. More below.*

2) All animal feed and care items are our #2 priority.

3) We are doing Pre-orders by EMAIL only and we will schedule a pick up time with you. 
 - Please do not leave an order by voicemail
 - Put your phone number(s) in your email so we can call you to collect credit card payment by phone & schedule your pick up time and if you are text-able

Saturday, March 14, 2020

❤️ Naomi's in the time of Covid-19

Dear Sweet Customers,

Starting Sunday 3/15/20 we will be open as a “Drive Thru” farm supply only. 

Due to Covid-19, our gates will remain closed and our store will only be open to staff, who will be filling your orders by phone, email and also through the fence as we’re able. 
503-517-8551 ❤️

We will take credit card payments only. No cash. You can call and pay by phone in advance of coming whether the day of, further in advance, or when you are in the parking lot. We will shop for you and then put your items outside the fence when you arrive or into an open trunk. 

Our friendly advice will be over the phone and by email and not in person during this time. We will be maintaining 6’ distance from customers in the parking lot and aiming for a no-contact, loading only situation. While this will initially feel odd, it is in fact the most friendly thing we can do, aside from staying home. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Peeping has Begun!

The chicks landed a day early!  The shop is full of peeps! If you pre-ordered for this March 4th order, you are welcome to pick them up today. Tomorrow by 6pm is totally fine too. There are a few available for walk-in sales.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Hiring still in progress! 😍

Hello loveliest humans!

An incredible amount of you have applied and meanwhile the shop is getting wonderfully busy = yay for hiring very soon! We are just starting to go through your applications today and through this week. The process involves a team of us. We'll be contacting people for interviews as soon as we can. If you haven't applied yet, you're still welcome to at any time. I will personally read everything and write back to each of you, whether or not we have an applicable spot to interview you for this spring or not yet, it just may take a bit to respond to everyone. We appreciate the time and care you've each taken in filling out our questionnaire and telling us about your unique selves!😊

Thank you so very much!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Do you want goats and bunnies as co-workers?

We're hiring for Spring 2020! 

Our goal at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply is to help nurture, cultivate, and share knowledge with local gardening, farming, plant and animal loving communities. 

Our shop spans a very wide range of products, knowledge and tasks. In hiring, we prioritize a strong enthusiasm to learn about these things, over prior knowledge and comparable experience. A lot of learning comes on the job and we have a wonderfully supportive team and plenty of resource materials that can assist with developing knowledge in areas you are passionate about. 

We are looking for people that show kindness, curiosity, desire to learn and communicate clearly, and who enjoy working as a team and interacting with our customers with a genuinely caring spirit. We are a supportive workplace that recognizes unique individuality. We like to take care of one another and we value cooperation and communication. We're at 13 year 'round people on our team and excited to add new folx to this season and potentially beyond!!!

Click here to read more about EMPLOYMENT with us, along with our questionnaire and job descriptions!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

2020 🐣 Baby Chicks & Duckling Breed List are Ready!

Click here to find all the breeds, dates and then call or come in to pre-order! πŸ₯³πŸ“πŸ£πŸ’•πŸŽ‰